• Barrel Extending Suppressor Kit
  • Integrated Iron Sight Slide Ridge Rail
  • Green Fibre-Optic Sights
  • Adjustable Hop-Unit
  • “1911” Profiled Slide & Trigger Guard (Holster Compatibility)
  • Hi-Capa Magazine
  • Threaded Inner & Outer Barrel


Vorsk have done it again! What a gas pistol this is, loaded with cutting edge features usually found on Hi-Capa and 1911/MEU airsoft replicas. The Vorsk VX-14 is incredibly well constructed with a high performance build, while also combining the best of both worlds as the VX-14 will snugly fit in 1911 holsters and uses the double stacked powerhouse that is the Hi-Capa magazine. Using the double stacked Hi-Capa powerhouse magazine, the VX-14 delivers not only high level performance but also delivers BBs downrange with an incredibly satisfying recoil experience.


The half length rail and curved trigger guard taken from 1911/MEU models ensures 1911 holster compatibility whilst also delivering a slightly more ‘traditional’ look when compared to the more audacious Hi-Capa series. The slide features green fibre sights, tied together front and rear by the integrated slide ridge rail that was first seen on the VX-9 Agency from Vorsk. The ridge rail on the VX-14 adds some noticeable weight to the slide and is a very satisfying experience when bouncing off the return spring during engagements. It also boosts the side-profile of the pistol giving it a very bulky look when compared to standard 1911/MEU models. Vorsk have integrated another feature from the VX-9 Agency: the inclusion of the 6.03mm Tightbore Barrel Extending Suppressor Kit that will help deliver a small boost in FPS and Range, both great for the target range and completing the look of this imposing sidearm. The pistol grip is injection moulded plastic, providing a suitably sturdy yet noticeably chunky grip due to the double stacked magazine within. The grip features a wave-“v” pattern which is also found on the Mag-Release button, another nice touch.


With modern pistol features such as fibre sights, polymer grips and contemporary styling all applied to the typically traditional, 1911 frame profile - the VX-14 is bound to be a head-turner in the safe-zone whilst being an effective sidearm on the field.


EAN 5056444717979
Length(mm) 223 - 342
Fire Modes Safe (Beaver Tail) - Semi
Barrel Length (mm) 113 - 231
Barrel Bore (mm) 6.03
Rails Yes
Approx. FPS 300
Main Materials Aluminium Alloy; Polymer
Included (x1) VX-14 Airsoft Replica
(x1) STD Gas Magazine Black - VGM-02-01
(x1) Barrel Extender & Suppressor
(x1) LP Gas Nozzle (for extension kit)
(x1) CO2 Conversion Kit (Nozzle + Spring)
(x1) Manual
(x1) Exploded Parts Diagram
(x1) VORSK PVC Patch
Compatible Magazines VGM-02-01 - BLACK - 23R Hi-Capa Gas Magazine
VGM-02-02 - BLACK - 23R Hi-Capa CO2 Magazine
VGM-02-04 - BLACK - 48R Extended Gas Magazine
Compatible Batteries / Gas VCP-GAS-V6 - V6 GBB Fuel
VCP-GAS-V8 - V8 GBB Fuel



**Warning!!** This item will require a defence to be supplied. You can either email this with a copy of your photo ID or wait for us to contact you. If you have purchased from our selves previously and have supplied a defence you will not need to do this again.

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