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    The stunning GR25 SPR is based on the original SR25 sniper platform.

    The G&G GR-25 is an excellent reproduction of the now famous SR-25, originally designed for the U.S. Navy Seals as an accurate semi-automatic rifle. The GR-25 has a full metal SR-25 style receiver etched with the G&G logo, model, and serial number on the magazine well. With its long RIS and railed upper receiver (for fitting optics) and solid stock (for maximum battery space) this rifle would make a perfect urban / woodland rifle.  The GR-25 has a one piece metal outer barrel and a free float RIS handguard; that includes a replica gas tube for added realism. In order to trump the other models on the market G&G equipped the GR-25 with a functional charging handle and bolt stop. The functional bolt stop not only allows the user to adjust his hop-up without holding back the charging handle, it creates a satisfied feeling when you tap the bolt stop and hear the bolt slam closed.

    G&G have created a masterpiece with the GR25. This is a semi auto only and is firing at around 350fps. The internals feature the latest MOSFET and electric trigger, these ensure consistent FPS which translate into better placed shots and tighter groups down range. This rifle is very well balanced. As with all G&G top tech guns, this also comes with a 6.04mm Tightbore barrel as standard. If you want a long range, semi-auto airsoft rifle. The G&G GR25 is the perfect base for you to begin!


    • Metal, Steel and Nylon Fibre Construction
    • High-Performance AEG Sniper Rifle
    • Semi & Fully Automatic
    • Full Metal Receiver
    • 463mm Inner Barrel Length
    • Full Metal RAS Tactical Rail System handguard
    • Folding Front Sight
    • Nylon Fibber Pistol Grip and M16A2 Full Stock


    (Please note: This product does not include the Scope, Laser or Bi-Pod & Mount) for illustration purposes only

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    Colour Black, Wood
    Brand S&T
    Length (mm) 555
    Weight (g) 2100
    Fire Modes Single Fire
    Main Materials Metal; Wood
    Compatible Batteries / Gas N/A
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    Colour Wood
    Brand S&T
    Length (mm) 940
    Weight (g) 2680
    Fire Modes Safe - Fire
    Other Info/Specs Real Wood Furniture
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    If you are fed up with being hassled by snipers beyond your effective range, a compact, high-power shotgun should surprise them! 


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    The STF/12 is the best shotgun in its class . Thanks to unique high-end features, performances and a firmly modern look, this is the shotgun of choice for growing military, Law Enforcement and shooting sports enthusiasts worldwide. The Airsoft replica makes no difference and follows the same path to make it the new reference in 3 shots airsoft shotgun

    Designed and developed from scratch by the BO Manufacture team, this replica offers the best in accuracy and shooting consistency and a yet extremely compact design.

    You will live the incredibly genuine feeling of this STF12 thanks to high-density ABS materials matched to the anodized metal barrel.

    This fixed stock version of the STF/12 features a 11" metal barrel, LPA type rear and front sights ( opic fiber), Picatinny rails, 30 bbs cartridge (3 shots at a time)

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    A&K 8870
    A&K 8870
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    The Replica

    A&Ks 8870 is a shortened (sawn-off) replica of the classic M870 pump-action shotgun. A full-metal replica, the frame, receiver, barrel, pump-action tube and trigger are all made of metal, with the ‘wood-effect’ parts a heavy duty polymer. This replica uses a bespoke, 40R magazine that when fitted provides 40 single shots (as opposed to other “tri-shot” shotguns). Two sling points allow for different holster options, and a functioning safety can be found to the rear of the trigger guard.


    The Original

    The M870 is one of the most recognisable pump-action shotguns ever manufactured. Popularised by both its common use with U.S. Law Enforcement agencies, as well as it being the go-to model for many shotgun sports enthusiasts – there are dozens of configurations of the real-steel firearm available worldwide. A common firearm for Holywoods 1980’s heroes – whether as Rambo in the Jungles of Vietnam, or Sarah Connor in Judgement Day.

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    The Real M82 is the classic and iconic .50 anti-material rifle, it is a recoil operated semi-automatic weapon capable of taking out light armour and other strategic targets such as military hardware or mounted weapons.

    The designation M82 comes from the fact the weapon was designed in 1982, Ronnie Barrett (the founder of Barrett firearms) designed the entire parts list for the weapon, every single component was created by him individually, and all of the marketing and production of the rifle came from funds out of his own pocket. Since then the weapon has been adopted by numerous military forces around the world and
    was even used for EOD by the UK/US forces in Iraq. It has been seen in countless video games and films, however, it is often misclassified as a sniper rifle - While it has the capability to easily kill someone at sniper ranges, the M82 possesses far more power than is needed to deliver a fatal blow and is considered "inhumane" by some for its ability to remove limbs and create a "large mess!"

    As with all of the other Snow Wolf Barrett's this translates into a phenomenally good weapon for airsoft
    use as a sniper rifle,

    The SW-24 rifle fits together almost seamlessly and has no wobble on any parts.

    as this is a spring powered airsoft sniper rifle you need to pull the cooking lever back to prime it before pulling the trigger, but on the plus side it does not need any airsoft gas or charging of batteries to make it work.

    The barrel of the gun is metal is fluted, at the end of the barrel is the awesome looking tank style muzzle brake, the folding bipod that also comes with the gun is also made of metal. There is a long rail on top of the receiver, for attaching a scope.

    there are some snow wolf markings on the rifle and some sling anchor points, and the removable magazine on the weapon holds around 35 to 50 rounds. there is also a working safety selector on the rifle.

    As with the entire range of snow wolf Barrett's, this includes a carry handle - this is a VERY useful tool if you need to quickly move the rifle from one position to another.

    Naturally, this is not a CQB/indoor weapon and is only intended for use outdoors, the rifle really comes into its own when shooting at an advancing force, or protecting your team as you attack/defend an objective.

    The range and accuracy will allow you to take out enemies precisely while being certain of hits, This weapon is great fun to shoot targets with and even more fun to have in a skirmish, yes it's not as mobile as an L96 or similar, but the extra range and comparably high power make this a fantastic long range dedicated sniper rifle.

    If you are looking for the best of the best, we 110% recommend this weapon for anyone who is set on being a sniper.


    Brand Snow Wolf
    EAN 5056444713889
    Length(mm) 1430
    Weight (g) 6200
    Fire Modes Single-Shot
    Rails 20mm Flat Top
    Main Materials Polymer / Metal
    Compatible Magazines SW-MAG-24 - SNOW WOLF M82A1 35R Magazine
    SW-MAG-02 - SNOW WOLF M82A1 500R Magazine
    Compatible Batteries / Gas
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    The Maple Leaf MLC-LTR Bolt Action Sniper Rifle is a masterpiece. MLC-LTR sniper rifle is lightweight and tactical at the same time. This sniper rifle's stock is made of high-strength lightweight nylon fibre and the gun itself without any attachments weighs under 2KGs. The gun is quite modular as it has Picatinny and M-Lok accessories, slots for sling attachments, a foldable stock, and an ergonomic pistol grip. Internally, this airsoft sniper rifle uses a modified VSR-10 system that features a quick detachable cylinder and a Maple Leaf zero friction design. MLC-LTR has an adjustable cheek riser and a multi-purpose adjust mode for VSR/GBB hop rubber. The rifle has a Vortex twisted outer barrel with the Whisper barrel spacer inside. This sniper rifle is also pre-upgraded out of the box as it has a Maple Leaf 70 Degree AUTOBOT Hop-up bucking as well as a Maple Leaf 303mm precision inner barrel. making this quite an accurate rifle out of the box.

    Internally, the rifle features all of Maple Leaf’s parts, making this a truly remarkable rifle with upgrade potential only rivalled by the famed VSR-10 platform.  The results from this is that the gun shoots with a very stable FPS, touts great air seal, and includes superb accuracy. Combining this with its adjustable stock and good ergonomics, this rifle can be deadly in your hands!

    This is a perfect out of the box upgraded sniper rifle, suitable for beginner and seasoned Airsofters.



    • Lightweight & Durable - Reinforced Nylon Fibre Construction
    • CNC Zero Trigger with 90° Piston Sear
    • Adjustable Trigger Draw Weight
    • Quick Release Cylinder & Receiver system
    • Small Storage Area in Pistol Grip
    • Adjustable Cheek Rest on Stock
    • VSR/GBB Hop with VSR 303mm Inner Barrel
    • Folding Skeleton Stock (Can be remounted to fold to the left or right)
    • M-LOK Handguard with 20mm Flat-Top for Accessories
    • 4 Sling Mount Locations


    Please note that this airsoft sniper rifle requires assembly as it comes disassembled.

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    The G&G ARP9 stealth gold is one of those weapons you need to turn to in those tight CQB scenarios where power and fast response is key to getting that all important kill. Its polymer and aluminium construction is ideal as it offers a light weight but versatile weapon with a realistic feel and outstanding performance. 

    the weapon runs on a 11.1v 25c  lipo battery I would always recommend a 1200mah 

    Colour Black, Gold
    Brand G&G
    Length (mm) 506
    Weight (g) 2028
    Fire Modes Safe / Semi / Full-Auto
    Barrel Length (mm) 128
    Barrel Bore (mm) 6.08
    Rails M-LOK Handguard & 20 mm Flat-Top
    Approx. FPS 328
    Main Materials Polymer / Aluminum
    Compatible Magazines GG-MG-158 - ARP 9 MAGAZINE 60R
    GG-MG-159 - ARP 9 MAGAZINE 300R
    GG-MG-164 - ARP 9 DRUM MAGAZINE 1500R
    Compatible Batteries / Gas 11.1V Li-po with 25C below
    Other Info/Specs Ifrit 25K Motor-Long Axis Orange (25000rpm)
    8mm Brass bushings
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    The Replica


    A&K have made a name for themselves with their faithful replicas of S.A.W (Squad Automatic Weapons). Their versions of the M249 and its variants are available in Black or Flat Dark Earth (FDE) as either a full-metal replica, or a weight reduced, polymer receiver model.


    Supplied with a 2500R Box Magazine, you’ll be the enemy teams target number one as you supply unrelenting, suppressive fire onto their positions, keeping their heads down and allowing your team mates to move up unto their objectives. All this plastic pew-pew is powered through A&Ks bespoke gearbox that is capable of sending BBs downrange at rates of up to 800 rpm – whoa! All models are fitted with a bipod for you to pivot behind whilst aiming down adjustable iron sights (the PARA and MK46 models include 20mm flat-top accessory rails for scopes).


    AK-249-MK1 – (Black/Metal) / (Black/Polymer) / (FDE/Metal) / (FDE/Polymer) / (Sumitomo)

    AK-249-MK2 – (Black/Metal) / (Black/Polymer) / (FDE/Metal) / (FDE/Polymer)

    AK-249-PARA – (Black/Metal) / (Black/Polymer) / (FDE/Metal) / (FDE/Polymer)

    AK-249-MK46 – (Black/Metal) / (Black/Polymer) / (FDE/Metal) / (FDE/Polymer)


    The Original


    The M249 (SAW – Squad Automatic Weapon) has defined and fulfilled its role in modern U.S. infantry doctrine as the go-to LMG (Light Machine Gun) providing sustained, suppressive fire on enemy positions. Standardised with other infantry equipment, the M249 is chambered in NATO 5.56 ammunition from either an ammunition belt or STANAG magazines. A 20mm Flat-Top accessory rail allows for the fitting of optics and the barrel can be quick changed in the field in the case the original fails under sustained fire.


    In service since 1984 and still featured in fireteams across the U.S. armed forces – the M249 is the iconic, modern LMG. To better fulfil its squad role in different environments, a number of different variants of the M249 have been produced…


    MK1 (JP) – How the M249 originally entered service – the standard for all future S.A.W weapons. The MK1s notable features are the tube section rear buttstock and the simplistic polymer handguard. The Japanese military ran a version of the MK1 M249 that did not have the upper handguard section fitted, known as the Sumitomo!


    MK2 – the M249 underwent a “PIP” (Product Improvement Program) to improve the performance of the general issue M249. PIP changes include the fitting of a plastic stock (similar to the M240s) and the inclusion of a hydraulic buffering system for better recoil control. Other changes include improving the handguard for improved ergonomics and heat dissipation as well as the inclusion of a carry handle. Lots of other smaller changes such as bevelling hard edges made the MK2 (PIP) much more user friendly.


    PARA – Designed for use by Airborne troops, the “PARA” designation has undergone weight-reduction to make the M249 more suitable for airborne drops. This includes shortening the barrel, fitting a telescopic, sliding buttstock


    MK46 – Designed & tailored for use with the US SOF (Special Operations Forces), the MK46s brief was to produce a S.A.W designed specifically for use with small, highly mobile Special Forces units within the US military. A shortened barrel (slightly longer than the PARA), and the removal of the carry handle has reduced the weight making the Mk46 more manoeuvrable in the field. The Mod 0 incorporated a 4-sided rail system around the handguard to allow the fitting of plenty of ‘specialist’ rail accessories.


    Colour FDE, Tan
    Brand A&K
    Length (mm) 1045
    Weight (g) 4540
    Fire Modes Safe / Full-Auto
    Barrel Length (mm) 510
    Barrel Bore (mm) 6.03
    Rails N/A
    Approx. FPS 320 (+/- 10)
    Main Materials Metal - Rail System, Outer Barrel, Furniture | Polymer - Receiver
    Included (x1) A&K MK249 MK1 Dark Earth (Plastic)
    (x1) 2500R Sound Control Electric Magazine
    (x1) Bipod
    Compatible Magazines
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    • 6-Chamber, revolving Airsoft MOSCART Launcher
    • High Density Polymer Body
    • Metal Fire Controls & Hinge Mechanism
    • Adjustable Stock – 3-Height Angle Adjustment & 6-Position Telescopic Stock
    • M4 Stock Tube
    • Auto Revolving Chambers
    • 20mm Flat-Top for Optics + Forward Quad Rail for Grips & Accessories
    • Textured, Polymer Pistol Grip
    • QD Sling Points on Stock Hinge + Rear of Stock

    On the Airsoft Field, there are some weapon platforms the opposing team really take notice of. Tricked out, long range DMRs… Fire Superiority platforms like the M249 SAW and of course, the MOSCART Launcher. With the NUPROL MATRIX Grenade Launcher, they’ll really take notice as this revolving moscart launcher is capable of firing 6 shells in quick succession (over 1000 BBs when using 168R Moscart Shells), ensuring total domination over your section of the front.


    The MATRIX is designed to be great fun, at a reasonable price. Choice use of high-density polymers throughout the body, and a metal alloy construction used for the fire controls and hinge mechanisms – the MATRIX is a reliable construction whilst keeping the expense down – perfect for a replica that may not see the field every game day, but when it does, delivers excellent fun and performance for its operator.


    The six-shell, revolving chamber is exposed by pulling the forward-release, tucked just underneath the barrel behind the quad-rail. The chambers rear cover and stock can then rotate counter clockwise allowing you to drop six gas-filled, fully laden moscart shells within… excitement peaking already! You’ll need to rotate these chambers as you’re loading moscarts to build tension in the spring, enabling to auto-rotation of the shells when firing. Returning the stock in place locks the chambers and you’re ready to go. Find your firing position by adjusting the retractable, hinged stock into one of its 18 positions, and you may want to consider the addition of a forward grip to the Quad-Rail for even better weapon stability. Moving the fire selector from Safe, to Fire releases the trigger group and with one short pull, the firing pin will activate the first MOSCART, and as you’re opponents begin scrambling for cover, the second MOSCART will have already rotated into place ready for its turn to send BBs downrange.


    Colour Black
    Brand Nuprol
    EAN 5056444709837
    Weight (g) 2826
    Fire Modes Safe / Semi
    Barrel Bore (mm) 40
    Rails 20mm Optic Rail + 20mm Quad Rail
    Main Materials Polymer / Metal
    Included (x1) Matrix Grenade Launcher
    (x1) User Manual
    Compatible Magazines
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    G&G PRK9L assault rifle
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    The G&G PRK9L is an exceptional weapon with its beautiful styling and its user friendly design making it stand out in the field. With its ability to transform from a field type weapon to a CQB monster it makes for a fantastic all round weapon of choice. Straight out of the box you should expect to see fps ranges from 310fps to 330fps so you can eat like the big dogs straight from the off. The total length of this weapon is 894mm and a total weight of 2864g makes for a great all rounder.

    as you know that G&G are synonymous with there reliability, quality and durability all wrapped up in there weapons making them one of the leaders in the field of Airsoft. The rails are 20mm flat top with M-LOK hand guard. I have always kept with G&G myself as I have very little issues with them especially if I don’t go messing around with them. 

    compatible magazines or GG-MG-177 40R standard magazine with dummy rounds, the GG-MG-178 200R hi cap magazine and also the GG-MG-179 1730R drum magazine.

    Colour Black
    Brand G&G
    Length (mm) 894
    Weight (g) 2864
    Fire Modes Safe / Semi / Full-Auto (programmable 3R Burst)
    Barrel Length (mm) 407
    Rails 20 mm Picatinny Flat Top / M-LOK Handguard
    Approx. FPS 328
    Main Materials Metal
    Compatible Magazines GG-MG-177 40R Standard (Dummy Rounds)
    GG-MG-178 200R Hi Cap
    GG-MG-179 1730R Drum
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