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here it is probably one of the most sort after Airsoft sub machine guns of 2023 the Vorsk VMP-1 with is exceptional performance and rate of fire making it the go to CQB weapons. I was absolutely stunned at how good the performance of this weapon was when I took this out to play at a CQB event offering so much power but not compromising the manoeuvrability being able to sweep rooms and corridors in a heart beat giving you the upper hand when in the heat of battle. Its ergonomic design is nothing short of a masterpiece it was comfortable to use and well balanced and it’s folding stock offering that pistol feel while still giving outstanding feel. This weapon can also be modified to accept HPA although we can’t necessarily recommend this I am aware of player now converting them. Vorsk dominates the GBB weapons category in my opinion and will continue to improve and innovate to bring new pieces of inspiration to the battlefield. This weapon can dump a mag on full auto in literally seconds so be sure to grab plenty of mags if you are a little trigger happy. 

this weapon is full gas blowback for that realistic feel and kick. Is you are a speed softer this might be the one for you out on the field.

I have to say if I was to put a new weapon into my weapons case it certainly would be this one by far. So get one of these into your weapons arsenal or wish list for Christmas 2023. 

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