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The Snow Wolf SV98 is a great replica of the Russian Army issue SV98 sniper rifle system in current service and has the correct barrel profile, muzzle device and stock shape to do this unique rifle justice in Airsoft form. This rifle is heavily based on the Russian SV-98 sniper rifle but uses the more ergonomic and frankly superior L96 style receiver with its enlarged, swept-back bolt handle allowing for clearance even when using large optical sights and its easy to use safety catch with recessed markings denoting each mode.

Starting at the tip of the outer barrel we can see the real world accurate SV98 muzzle device, complete with a front iron sight. There is no rear iron sight on the SV98 but you won't be needing one anyway, as this package comes with a 3-9x40mm riflescope and scope rings to get you on target right away. The muzzle device can be unscrewed but underneath there are some outsized threads (25.2mm Diameter) and we aren't currently aware of an adapter for suppressors. The user manual shows and SV98 with a suppressor mounted, so there is potential Snow Wolf will release this part down the line, hopefully!

The barrel is a smooth sided and tapered towards the tip, matching the real SV98 perfectly. The barrel is shaped this way to improve strength near the receiver to effectively handle high power cartridges while keeping the weight up front to a minimum for better handling.

Moving to the chassis, we can find an L96 style bipod spigot at the very front, followed by a Harris bipod lug, granting you multiple options when it comes to adding a bipod to the SV98 for deploying in a static position. The included bipod is Harris style and will mount to the Harris lug, but if you prefer an atlas style bipod you can swap it out and use the spigot instead.

At either side of the chassis, just above the bipod mounting hardware, we can find a sling point on either side, which can be combined with the sling bar on the stock to mount a two-point rifle sling to allow you to throw the SV98 onto your back when the enemy team is advancing and its sidearm time. Running along the sides of the chassis we can find finger grooves, which help provide a consistent and comfortable position for your support hand.

Between the finger grooves on the right side of the chassis, we can take note of the two protruding threaded sockets which allow us to add the included carrying handle of the SV98. This part is styled after that present on the real SV-98, which is also a big part of what makes the rifle so recognisable. The handle is constructed from steel for extra strength with a polymer over mould to stop the handle from being uncomfortable to use in cold weather. The handle can be attached by aligning the threaded nuts on the handle with the holes on the stock and turning the nuts counter-clockwise until it is hand-tight. The handle can be removed by turning the nuts clockwise if you want to cut down on the overall weight of the rifle.

The adjustable HOP-up unit of the SV98 can be found on the bottom of the stock and is an external adjuster similar to the TM L96. The adjuster takes the form of a dial which can be adjusted by hand and has audible and tactile clicks with each increment of adjustment so you can adjust mid-game easily. This HOP-up style functions similarly to a "TDC" HOP-up which is known to be a superb method of adjustment, minimising side-to-side deviation by applying adjustments directly to the top of the HOP-up rubber.

Just ahead of the trigger guard is where we can find the magazine well of the SV98 which is realistically positioned thanks to this rifle's use of the TM L96/M40 style of loading mechanism. The magazine is realistically designed with mock reinforcing grooves in its shell and holds 65 BBs which can be loaded through the fill/feed port on the front using a standard Airsoft speed loader or by hand. The magazine catch is positioned just behind the magazine and takes the form of a paddle release which can be used by right and left handed shooters alike.

As we arrive at the receiver of the SV98 we can see this is a more advanced L96 style receiver, with an enlarged bolt handle and textured safety lever. The real L96 and SV98 both have a similar style of receiver, with angular surfaces and a 20mm Picatinny top rail for mounting optical sights, so unless the Russian fans at your local site are really, really observant, they may not be able to tell!

The safety catch is located on the right side of the rear section of the bolt, just behind the bolt handle, and can be easily reached from a firing grip with minimal movement which may draw the eye of an enemy sniper. The surface of this control includes deep linear texture, guaranteeing that you can make use of this important function in any weather condition. The safety is also much larger than that of a VSR-10 platform, making it more easily used with gloves. The safety positions are indicated using recessed markings, with "S" indicating the safe mode and "F" indicating the dangerous mode.

The bolt handle of the SV98 is an enlarged L96 style design, which is swept back to allow larger optical sights to be used on the rifle without them interfering with the travel of the bolt. This also makes the handle very easy to grab and operate quickly when needed. All of the parts of the receiver, outer barrel, and bolt handle are constructed from robust alloy, granting the SV98 the title of "full metal" and making it a great choice for the type of player that values realism.

The stock of the Snow Wolf SV98 is a close match to the real SV98 stock, and sports full adjustability; with an adjustable cheekpiece which can be raised, an integrated mono-pod for optimal stability when combined with a bipod, and a rubberised butt plate which can be raised and lowered to get the perfect shooting position. This stock offers all the options and adjustments needed to set the rifle up for static defence, and its relatively low weight despite its size make it equally suitable for a more mobile player.

The butt plate can be adjusted by loosening the knurled nut on the right side which will allow the butt plate to be raised and lowered to suit your position, body type and loadout. The cheek rest is raised and lowered by unscrewing the adjustment screws beneath the cheek rest. Within the stock itself we can also find a sling bar, which is present just behind the adjustment screws of the cheekpiece. This can be combined with either of the front sling points to provide an ambidextrous two-point sling mounting solution.

The final feature of the SV98 we have to discuss is its integrated monopod, which can be found within the stock. The monopod is intended to be used in concert with a bipod to allow the rifle to be set up on uneven ground and allow for a little bit more clearance when necessary. The monopod can be deployed by loosening the knurled nut on the right side of the stock, just above the monopod itself, which will allow the monopod to be extended. Once the monopod is positioned, the locking nut can be retightened to lock the monopod in place.

So, for those looking for a sniper rifle that looks a bit different from the rest, and can avail itself of some seriously handy features rarely seen on an Airsoft sniper rifle at this price point, the Snow Wolf SV98 is sure to go down a treat.


Brand Snow Wolf
EAN 5056444713896
Length(mm) 1210
Weight (g) 3755
Fire Modes Single-Shot
Barrel Length (mm) 585
Rails 20mm Flat Top
Main Materials Polymer / Metal
Compatible Magazines SW-MAG-25 - SNOW WOLF SV98 65R Magazine
Compatible Batteries / Gas Spring Powered
Other Info/Specs
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