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The M82 is the classic and iconic .50 anti-material rifle, it is a recoil operated semi automatic weapon capable of taking out light armour and other strategic targets such as military hardware or mounted weapons. The designation M82 comes from the fact the weapon was designed in 1982, Ronnie Barrett (the founder of Barrett firearms) designed the entire parts list for the weapon, every single component was designed by him individually and all of the marketing and production of the rifle came from funds out of
his own pocket. Since then the weapon has been adopted by numerous military forces around the world, and was even used for EOD by the UK/US forces in Iraq. It has been seen in countless video games and films, however it is often misclassified as a sniper rifle - While it has the capability to easily kill someone at sniper ranges, the M82 possesses far more power than is needed to deliver a fatal blow and is considered "inhumane"
by some for its ability to remove limbs and create a "large mess!"

As with all of the other Snow Wolf Barrett's this translates into a phenomenally good weapon for airsoft use as a sniper rifle, it features an included scope to have you set up ready to shoot out of the box and is one of the nicest built and solid performing Semi-Auto snipers available. While some may be put off by the fact this is an AEG, it does have its merits - using a standard V2 gearbox means parts are incredibly easy to come by, and it allows the weapon to retain the same Semi-Auto capabilities as the real thing (the weapon WILL allow you to select full auto, but this is primarily just to allow you to unlock the gearbox if you fire semi auto too fast). The externals on this rifle are phenomenal, it is one of the largest weapons we stock and weighs a tonne!, the build quality of all of the external parts is on par with some of the greatest airsoft weapons on the market. The weapon fits together almost seamlessly and has no wobble on any components at all - for ease of transportation (and realism) the weapon comes apart in two halves - this
allows you to service it and maintain it while making transportation to and from games much more of a do-able task! 

As with the entire range of snow wolf Barrett's, this includes a carry handle - this is a VERY useful tool if you need to quickly move the rifle from one position to another. Naturally this is not a CQB/indoor weapon and is only intended for use outdoors, the rifle really comes into its own when shooting at an advancing force, or protecting your team as you attack/defend an objective. The range and accuracy will allow you to take out enemies precisely while being certain of hits, while the Semi-Auto ability will give you the ability to "double tap" when needed, and will give you the ability to move from one target to the next without having to come out of your scope and risk losing your aim. 

There is a valid reason to the 450 round high cap, it would be impractical to have to carry around multiple .50 magazines due to the size, so by having a large high cap it should mean the shooter is able to go the entire game without reloading, for some this is unrealistic so should you prefer a lower capacity there ARE tutorials online on how to
swap the internals of the magazine for those of a mid-cap, please be aware that this would class as a modification so we CANNOT accept returns on the weapon if you damage it after doing this modification!

This weapon is great fun to shoot targets with and even more fun to have in a skirmish, yes it's not as mobile as an L96 or similar, but the extra range and comparably high power make this a fantastic long range dedicated sniper rifle. If you are looking for the best of the best, we 110% recommend this weapon for anyone who is set on being a sniper - IF, however, you would prefer something you can run around with keeping yourself mobile and on the same level as your infantry - perhaps an L96 is a more
"safe" choice!


Brand Snow Wolf
EAN 5056444713964
Length(mm) 1210
Weight (g) 6180
Fire Modes Safe / Semi auto / Full auto
Barrel Length (mm) 670
Rails 20mm Flat Top
Main Materials Polymer / Metal
Compatible Magazines SW-MAG-24 - SNOW WOLF M82A1 35R Magazine
SW-MAG-02 - SNOW WOLF M82A1 500R Magazine
Other Info/Specs
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