The Maple Leaf MLC-LTR Bolt Action Sniper Rifle is a masterpiece. MLC-LTR sniper rifle is lightweight and tactical at the same time. This sniper rifle's stock is made of high-strength lightweight nylon fibre and the gun itself without any attachments weighs under 2KGs. The gun is quite modular as it has Picatinny and M-Lok accessories, slots for sling attachments, a foldable stock, and an ergonomic pistol grip. Internally, this airsoft sniper rifle uses a modified VSR-10 system that features a quick detachable cylinder and a Maple Leaf zero friction design. MLC-LTR has an adjustable cheek riser and a multi-purpose adjust mode for VSR/GBB hop rubber. The rifle has a Vortex twisted outer barrel with the Whisper barrel spacer inside. This sniper rifle is also pre-upgraded out of the box as it has a Maple Leaf 70 Degree AUTOBOT Hop-up bucking as well as a Maple Leaf 303mm precision inner barrel. making this quite an accurate rifle out of the box.

Internally, the rifle features all of Maple Leaf’s parts, making this a truly remarkable rifle with upgrade potential only rivalled by the famed VSR-10 platform.  The results from this is that the gun shoots with a very stable FPS, touts great air seal, and includes superb accuracy. Combining this with its adjustable stock and good ergonomics, this rifle can be deadly in your hands!

This is a perfect out of the box upgraded sniper rifle, suitable for beginner and seasoned Airsofters.



  • Lightweight & Durable - Reinforced Nylon Fibre Construction
  • CNC Zero Trigger with 90° Piston Sear
  • Adjustable Trigger Draw Weight
  • Quick Release Cylinder & Receiver system
  • Small Storage Area in Pistol Grip
  • Adjustable Cheek Rest on Stock
  • VSR/GBB Hop with VSR 303mm Inner Barrel
  • Folding Skeleton Stock (Can be remounted to fold to the left or right)
  • M-LOK Handguard with 20mm Flat-Top for Accessories
  • 4 Sling Mount Locations


Please note that this airsoft sniper rifle requires assembly as it comes disassembled.

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