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The brand new LCT Keymod Rail series for LCT AK series (except TX-Baby, AKS74U) is a full sized 13.5 inch Keymod rail system that fits replaces the original handguard and allows attaching optics, flashlight / laser designators, fore grips and sling mounts to fit one's preference to how his / her AK is set up, fully constructed from stamped and CNC Aluminium Alloy #5052 and #6061 it is one of the most lightweight system for your gun that offers full keymod slots on three sides.

Aluminium 5052 / Aluminium 6061 Construction 

Compatible LCT Models include:

LCT STK-74 / TKMS / LCK-74MN / LCK-74M / LCKS-74M / AIMS / LCKM-63 / LCKM / LCKMS / LCKS-74 / LCK-74 / LCKM Economy / LCKMMS / TX-63 / TIMS / G-03/ G-03M / ZKS-74M / RPK / RPKS74 / RPKS74MN / LTS-Keymod13.5. 

NOTE - For installation to 13.5 Inch Keymod Rail, LCK-47, LCK-47S and M70 AB2 you will need to remove the gas chamber from gun first.

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