G&G TR16 MBR 308WH

G&G TR16 MBR 308WH

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TR16 SBR 308 Mk2 carbine replica

This is arguably the best gun G&G have launched!

A replica of the highest class and quality, made of the highest quality materials by the well-known and reputable company G&G. The replica, due to the materials and technologies used in it, is intended for the most demanding operators who value realism and quality.  The TR16 SBR replica is made mostly out of metal. The metal elements are: the modern and fierce looking body, MLOK system mounting rails, barrel, muzzle device, manipulators and a stock slide. Plastic is used to make an ergonomic stock, pistol grip and a mid-cap magazine holding up to 40 BBs.  The stock has space for a battery with a Tamyia-mini plug. The replica features a well-profiled pistol grip that improves the grip and comfort of using the replica. An enlarged charging handle, a custom trigger and two-sided manipulators give the replica a unique, custom feel.

The replica from other G&G models is distinguished, apart from the quality of the external workmanship, by the use of it’s internal parts. The replica uses two electronic systems: the MOSFET system located in the stock slide and the G2 ETU (Electronic Trigger Unit) - both of these systems increase the longevity of the replica and improve it’s parameters, such as the trigger response or rate of fire. TR16 SBR is equipped with a novelty from G&G, the Gearbox G2 which is characterized by: - reinforced structure - quick spring change system - double sealed pneumatic parts - specially designed gears for better performance The mosfet system allows you to program a series of 3-5 shots, it will inform you about a low battery level and about  any damage dealt to the gearbox.  The ETU system used in the replica, paired with dedicated magazines, cuts the power supply after the last BB has been fired.   


Brand G&G
EAN 4712972934257
Length(mm) 870.5
Weight (g) 3000
Fire Modes Semi/Full-Auto/3-Round Burst/5-Round Burst
Barrel Length (mm) 400
Barrel Bore (mm) 6.08
Rails CNC Hard-Anodizing
Approx. FPS UK regulation
Compatible Magazines GG-MG-160 - G2H MAG 40R (CLEAR)
GG-MG-161 - G2H MAG 370R (BLACK)
GG-MG-162 - G2H MAG 100R (BLACK)
GG-MG-176 - G2H MAG 100R (GREY)
Compatible Batteries / Gas



 **Warning!!** This item will require a defence to be supplied. You can either email this with a copy of your photo ID or wait for us to contact you. If you have purchased from our selves previously and have supplied a defence you will not need to do this again

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