G&G GC16 PREDATOR - grey

G&G GC16 PREDATOR - grey

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serious airsofters will know all about the predator and it’s unconventional look and it’s menacing vibe definitely want to go for it’s distinctive muzzle and rails give the effect of a snakes mouth opening G&G has once again creates a weapon that stands out and performs on the battlefield This manufacturer is synonymous when it comes to reliability and performance this weapon ovarian features a full metal handguard constructed from a strong lightweight alloy making this weapon not only tough Gives a fantastic feel when held, which is incredibly satisfying

behind the devilish looking front end we have a hang/rail system featuring key mod mounting system which is three floating on top of the barrel. Its unique design of the rail protruding further than in a barrel gives her unique look. The key mod rail system is a modern system allowing you to attach all sorts of accessories from scopes and optics through to lasers torches and grenade launches it’s 14 mm counterclockwise thread allows for the installation of all sorts of silences and trace units

on top of the rail is a 20 mm RIS rail system measuring at 12 inches allowing for further customisation and continues to the rear of the weapon giving lots of room for accessories as standard. The weapon comes with front and rear iron sights that can be removed or used to pick out those targets at distance 

the fryer select button and magazine release buttons are ambidextrous and accommodate everything needed for a left-handed player as normal. The brand is engraved into the weapon flat little bit more flare included with the weapon is the iconic stanag magazine with its finger design and rubberised edges giving the ultimate amount of grip required went out on the field. This house was changing the magazines faster and more accurately. The pistol grip is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably into the hands of the user and giving from more grip and stability when being used

The rear of the weapon uses point position adjustable rear stock it’s design features are there to reduce weight while still giving a sturdy but comfortable feel when shouldered another modern feature of the stock is that the rear bar is able to be extended downward and the stock to increase the surface area when held there is a compartment to the bottom of the stock to store batteries for torches and lasers

internally this weapon the predator is up there amongst the best with its impressive features to rival top and Airsoft rifles such as the programmable MOSFET Giving you complete control when using the weapon by having the ability to adjust the firing rate to 3 round burst being a rear wired Airsoft weapon the battery is to be located in the rear stock featuring a mini Tamia connect to block and works perfectly in combination with the 11.1 V battery. This weapon features an adjustable hop up unit allowing you to adjust for elevation and range while out on the field. The hop is found like most manufacturers next behind the mock ejection port easily access by pulling the back the charging handle the top rear of the weapon

please use our recommended battery or similar product

11.1 V 1300 MAH 15C Lipo crane stock batteries 

Colour Black
Brand G&G
EAN 4712972911616
MSRP (UK) £374.99
Length (mm) 810
Weight (g) 2599
Fire Modes Semi/Full-Auto/3-Round burst
Barrel Length (mm) 260
Barrel Bore (mm) 6.08
Rails CNC Hard-Anodizing
Compatible Magazines G-08-083
Compatible Batteries / Gas 11.1V Li-po with 25C below
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