G&G GC16 MPW 12"

G&G GC16 MPW 12"

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G&G have done it again with this extraordinary example replicate imitation firearm (RIF) And I’m gonna tell you all about it in this description you probably familiar the GC 16 is an entirely metal constructed weapon apart from the rear stock and pistol grip. The rear stock is a six position rear stock made from polymer with plenty of room for batteries to be inserted to the rear. It’s full aluminium front rail which is a key mod design allows you to connect multiple different accessories. Everything from scopes and optics through to grenade launches torches and lasers be sure to check our range out

This weapon features G&G’s MOSFET And has the ability that when you hold the trigger in semi auto for 10 seconds it changes the firing rate into instead of four auto to 3 round burst As we all know the G&G brand is anonymous when it comes to reliability and great performance straight Out of the box With its incredible range accuracy and reliability this makes for an unbelievably good Airsoft weapon
Although G&G may not be a cheap Airsoft weapon, it stands out in its own way giving the user A great feeling straight out of the box this weapon has a V2 gearbox with a rear wired battery compartment using a mini Tamia connector I was recommended a 1300 MAh battery 11.1 V 

Colour Black
Brand G&G
EAN 4712972929321
MSRP (UK) £374.99
Length (mm) 865
Weight (g) 2680
Fire Modes Semi/Full-Auto
Barrel Length (mm) 330
Barrel Bore (mm) 6.08
Rails CNC Hard-Anodizing
Compatible Magazines G-08-008/G-08-051/G-08-052/G-08-068/G-08-083/G-08-101/G-08-150/G-08-153
Compatible Batteries / Gas
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