Triple Duo x6 magazine pouches ( BTP )

Triple Duo x6 magazine pouches ( BTP )

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This triple double magazine pouch is certainly a must for anyone who carries as many mags as possible with the capacity of up to 6x magazines you won’t be short on ammo. As GBBR is getting more and more popular for the realistic approach to Airsoft the magazines don’t typically have much ammo capacity so having the available space on you platforms to carry more magazines gives for a much closer combat style to the real thing. 
this pouch is made of a tough material and you would be hard stretched to rip it and pull it apart so will almost certainly last you years and years. As you can see it’s stacked 3 in front of 3 giving for an ideal location tight nit to your chest and easily accessible when needing to change magazines fast and on the fly. 6 molle straps to the rear ensuring stability and a tight fit so it does not move about. I would always recommend to anyone to number your magazines on the bottom that way you can just look down and see what magazines are spent. It’s an open top design with elasticated securing ties that flip over the magazines ensuring you won’t lose them when out on the field.

defiantly a must have item to attach to you rig or platform.

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