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The G&G CM16 Raider is a weapon aimed at the new airsofter or even the seasoned veteran of the sport with its ability to adapt for those larger outdoor sites to you fast paced indoor CQB room clearing. Straight out of the box G&G is synonymous in the airsoft community with great reliability and performance especially for that airsofter who might be new to the sport and looking for their first weapon. Its RIS / RAS polymer rail is fully capable of holding all your accessories from sights, optics, torches and light boxes to grenade launchers and grips. With its fully adjustable stock this weapon can be adjusted to fit your own personal preferences when it comes to length and feel and also features the ability to attach slings to secure the weapon. 

the from of the barrel features a removable flash hider with a 14mm anti clockwise screw allowing for the attachment of silencers and tracer units ( check out our range in store ) find below the weapon specs of what battery to use and the expected FPS output. 


* most popular starter weapon for new airsofters 

* one of the most reliable weapons manufacturers on the market making it the weapon of choice for airsoft rentals across the world.

* featuring 20mm rails the most popular size for all your weapon accessories and attachments 

* fully adjustable stock with 6 points of movement and encompasses a battery storage solution in the rear.

* sling points front and rear of the weapon for a great verity of points to secure your weapon.

* fully adjustable hop unit for that fine tuning for accuracy and distance.


Brand G&G
Length(mm) 770
Weight (g) 2000
Fire Modes Safe Semi Full Auto
Barrel Length (mm) 233
Barrel Bore (mm) 6.08
Rails Plastic
Approx. FPS 330
Main Materials Polymer
Compatible Batteries / Gas



**Warning!!** This item will require a defence to be supplied. You can either email this with a copy of your photo ID or wait for us to contact you. If you have purchased from our selves previously and have supplied a defence you will not need to do this again

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