This two-part Coat includes an outer Jacket section with a removable internal Fleece layer. The outer Jacket is made of Water-Repellent polyester, with large forward pockets and an additional pocket on the upper left arm. A hood section with an extended forward cap keeps you dry in wet weather, and an inner Wind Break at the base of the Jacket keeps the heat in on those windy days. If there is a turn in the weather, you can increase airflow to the arms by opening the flaps on the under arms. The Fleece section is secured by 3 loops in the arms and back as well as an internal zip just within the Jackets main front zip.


  • Water Repellent Material
  • Removable Internal Fleece & Outer Jacket
  • Two forward pockets and left upper arm pocket
  • Airflow Seals in Jacket arms
  • Windbreak at base of Jacket


Material – Polyester / Fleece

Colours – Black / Olive Drab / NP Camo / Tan

Sizes – M / L / XL / XXL

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