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The Replica


A&K have made a name for themselves with their faithful replicas of S.A.W (Squad Automatic Weapons). Their versions of the M249 and its variants are available in Black or Flat Dark Earth (FDE) as either a full-metal replica, or a weight reduced, polymer receiver model.


Supplied with a 2500R Box Magazine, you’ll be the enemy teams target number one as you supply unrelenting, suppressive fire onto their positions, keeping their heads down and allowing your team mates to move up unto their objectives. All this plastic pew-pew is powered through A&Ks bespoke gearbox that is capable of sending BBs downrange at rates of up to 800 rpm – whoa! All models are fitted with a bipod for you to pivot behind whilst aiming down adjustable iron sights (the PARA and MK46 models include 20mm flat-top accessory rails for scopes).


AK-249-MK1 – (Black/Metal) / (Black/Polymer) / (FDE/Metal) / (FDE/Polymer) / (Sumitomo)

AK-249-MK2 – (Black/Metal) / (Black/Polymer) / (FDE/Metal) / (FDE/Polymer)

AK-249-PARA – (Black/Metal) / (Black/Polymer) / (FDE/Metal) / (FDE/Polymer)

AK-249-MK46 – (Black/Metal) / (Black/Polymer) / (FDE/Metal) / (FDE/Polymer)


The Original


The M249 (SAW – Squad Automatic Weapon) has defined and fulfilled its role in modern U.S. infantry doctrine as the go-to LMG (Light Machine Gun) providing sustained, suppressive fire on enemy positions. Standardised with other infantry equipment, the M249 is chambered in NATO 5.56 ammunition from either an ammunition belt or STANAG magazines. A 20mm Flat-Top accessory rail allows for the fitting of optics and the barrel can be quick changed in the field in the case the original fails under sustained fire.


In service since 1984 and still featured in fireteams across the U.S. armed forces – the M249 is the iconic, modern LMG. To better fulfil its squad role in different environments, a number of different variants of the M249 have been produced…


MK1 (JP) – How the M249 originally entered service – the standard for all future S.A.W weapons. The MK1s notable features are the tube section rear buttstock and the simplistic polymer handguard. The Japanese military ran a version of the MK1 M249 that did not have the upper handguard section fitted, known as the Sumitomo!


MK2 – the M249 underwent a “PIP” (Product Improvement Program) to improve the performance of the general issue M249. PIP changes include the fitting of a plastic stock (similar to the M240s) and the inclusion of a hydraulic buffering system for better recoil control. Other changes include improving the handguard for improved ergonomics and heat dissipation as well as the inclusion of a carry handle. Lots of other smaller changes such as bevelling hard edges made the MK2 (PIP) much more user friendly.


PARA – Designed for use by Airborne troops, the “PARA” designation has undergone weight-reduction to make the M249 more suitable for airborne drops. This includes shortening the barrel, fitting a telescopic, sliding buttstock


MK46 – Designed & tailored for use with the US SOF (Special Operations Forces), the MK46s brief was to produce a S.A.W designed specifically for use with small, highly mobile Special Forces units within the US military. A shortened barrel (slightly longer than the PARA), and the removal of the carry handle has reduced the weight making the Mk46 more manoeuvrable in the field. The Mod 0 incorporated a 4-sided rail system around the handguard to allow the fitting of plenty of ‘specialist’ rail accessories.


Brand A&K
Length(mm) 1045
Weight (g) 5550
Fire Modes Safe / Full-Auto
Barrel Length (mm) 510
Barrel Bore (mm) 6.03
Rails N/A
Approx. FPS 320 (+/- 10)
Main Materials Metal - Receiver, Barrel | Polymer - Grips, Handguard, Stock
Included (x1) A&K FN Licensed MK249 MK1
(x1) 2400R Magazine
(x1) Bipod
Compatible Magazines


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