Viking tactical plate carrier / rig

Viking tactical plate carrier / rig

So why am I talking about this plate carrier today well if I’m honest I’m debating on taking one off the shelf and swapping out my old rig for this new one and completely redefining my load out. So let’s kick this off on why I want to upgrade to this rig and why I think it might be a big part of my future load out. 

so at first glance it’s just like many of the current plate carriers that are already available but when you start to compare the price and the capability of this rig you then start to see why I might be choosing to go with this one. So when I took these into stock I was impressed with its build quality using a tough materials leading to less rips and tears which I have seen a lot of more expensive ones suffer from so I have to say this rig is durable in all conditions. A big stand out is the amount of molle loops and places to add pouches too for more magazines thus more ammo when out on those longer days. Now if you are like me I love milsims and when you are ammo restricted to 30 rounds per mag then having the capacity to carry as much as 10 magazines gives you that edge. I also like the amount of adjustment to suit your size and body shape making for a snug fit without it bouncing around when running or just simply getting in the way like most do when crouched. 

now down to price I am shocked at what we can sell these for especially with the amount and durability you are getting for your money this is definitely an investment you will be happy to make when new to Airsoft.

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