RIFT Military Simulation in Oxfordshire

RIFT Military Simulation in Oxfordshire
RIFT Military Simulation

In my last blog I talked about the 26hr MILSIM that RIFT Airsoft organised at Dalton barracks in Oxfordshire. This review will share my experience and also whether I would recommend this event.

I paid for my entry fee online which was easy and stress free. Before arrival you were able to choose which team you were with, this was a good start to the weekend as we were able to ensure we stayed together in the same team. There were 3 teams made up of 40 people.

On arrival at the site our names were checked off, we then all entered into a private chat within our three teams. The chats were a great opener to the event where we could all discuss plans and what to bring with us from our transport into the MILSIM, as once started you couldn't return to the car etc. I have to say this was brilliant as we had a good laugh and got to know so many people before the game. RIFT outlined the rules which included details of how much ammo you could carry at any one time to make it more realistic. We were given a selection of ration packs to choose from, I think this is a great touch and really adds to the experience.

Once started, I made my way out onto the battlefield to set up our FOB with a few of my team mates, while others started attacking the two teams making up our opposition. First impressions on entering the battlefield were very good. Straight off we had a good laugh. After setting up our base for the 2 days, we were handed an objective and I was tasked with the 1IC role of which I commanded 2 sections at a time to carry out the objectives.

RIFT had provided military vehicles and an APC tank which was very cool but you could only command these vehicles if you had collected the fuel from certain sites for extra realistic purposes. The objectives would continue throughout the night. After completing only a few objectives 2 of my sections became bored, so we decided to attack another FOB at 3am with one of our guys using a mini gun with tracers which was very cool.

The MILSIM continued all the way up until 3pm on the Sunday. I honestly have to say I was shattered as I only slept 3hrs Sunday morning. I very much enjoyed the experience. RIFT's organisation for the weekend was excellent and looked after us no matter what we needed. I would definitely recommend attending a RIFT MILSIM.

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