PTS EPM-1 and EPM1-S magazines new to stock

PTS EPM-1 and EPM1-S magazines new to stock

In this blog I’m going to be talking about PTS magazines and what my real thoughts are on the build, shape, quality and price so let’s kick of by saying that I am glad to announce that I will be stocking these magazines from now on and will look to grow the range which I’m very excited about so let’s get into why I selected these to stock and why it is a must have. 

So let begin with me saying that I use these myself even before I started falcon 9 Airsoft 4 years ago and they still work like new now and that is down to the fact I have looked after them making sure that they are empty when I am finished at a game day. Just the feel of these magazines oozes quality you just know when you pick something up that it feels solid and these certainly give you that feeling. Now they can be tough to fill all the way to there maximum capacity but if it’s used with the Odin speed wind loader then yes you can max them out. I do love the fact that I can store 250 rounds in each magazine giving me plenty of fire power out in the game zone with no need to wind these up continuously but I do think they need a follower. 

now where do I sit on when it comes to value for money as they can be expensive to buy in comparison to a lot of other mid cap magazines if I’m honest I think they can be expensive to some people but I think if you want quality then you need to pay the premium to get your hands on these. Now if you are just starting out then maybe these wouldn’t be you first choice for a load out but once you are up and running then it’s a definite must. That’s my honest thoughts on these magazines so get your self a few especially at the moment we are the cheapest around for these magazines so grab yours now while stocks last. 

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