Nuprol Tech HD1 optic with red dot

Nuprol Tech HD1 optic with red dot

As an AR weapon user I don’t really need a magnified scope as let’s be honest how many of us actually look through it every time we shoot while in the heat of battle because in the Airsoft world we don’t really need to as we can see where they are hitting. I want to talk today about the latest Airsoft scope from Nuprol the HD1 with laser and red/green dot sight. 

I found the build quality to be brilliant and from what I can see it’s completely built from machined aluminium in a one piece construction allowing for less parts to come lose or go wrong so that gets a bit plus from myself. With its raised platform it gives good height so that forward weapon accessories don’t intrude on the view as I use a Nuprol weapon light box also. The laser and red/green dot are all adjustable so you can this sight completely zeroed in and I have to say that the laser is brilliant and very bright unlike a lot of lasers I have used in the past. So a bad point is that I do like tan coloured weapons and it not being available in alternative colour choices is a bit frustrating and I would recommend that the manufacturer supply them in tan or desert.

so a big question is do I find this to be great value for money and of course I would say yes as it’s my shop but if I was looking at it from a customers point of view then yeah I have to say I would still think it was great value from performance but most importantly it just looks great when it’s fitted. 

so all in all I would definitely give this a solid 8/10 

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