Let’s discuss weapons cases and why you need to consider them for your next purchase

Let’s discuss weapons cases and why you need to consider them for your next purchase

We all secretly love the idea of being organised and what better way to do that with a Nuprol hard case check out our range of all shapes and sizes in our online store. 

so why am I on here spouting about the Nuprol hard cases when people will say otherwise, well I’m going to give you some blooming good reasons to get one and look after that weapon. Now let be fair most of you might just be happy with a weapons bag but this just does not offer the same protection especially if something heavy lands on it or bounce it of the ground if you take an unfortunate fall. So the Nuprol case was always my first choice because it ticks all the boxes from styling to price. 

so let’s talk about the style now they are typically available in a selection of colours black, green and tan so giving you a wide range to choose from. And the large/long cases all have handles not only on the side to carry it but they have a handle at the top to pull it along behind you and trust me that makes a difference when you have many weapons and accessories. The large long cases are secured with 4 latches and the extra large long cases are secured using 4 along the side and one top and bottom totalling 6 securing points. They are all IP rated to no need to worry about water or moisture especially if you keep your pride and joy in a damp place or cold area. 

they have 2 different variations to the internal layout with the choice of wave foam ( which I use ) or the pick and pluck so you can either be like me and have the ability to use multiple different weapons in one case or you can get the pick and pluck and adapt the foam to suit your needs the the load out. So check out our range and you won’t be disappointed in the quality of what you are getting for the value for money.


happy Airsofting people see you out there 

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