I am finally changing my weapon of choice

I am finally changing my weapon of choice

So the time has finally come where I give up repairing and upgrading a weapon that has certainly been fun to use but a complete let down over the long term. The Ares KM006 was a brilliant weapon when I first got it, it felt fantastic to hold and play with, but if I’m honest it was a complete let down when it came to reliability. These weapons are lovely to look at and the exterior build quality is excellent, I have to say it was probably among the best on the market but the gearbox and reliability were not up to standard for a high quality weapon. Regularly the Ares KM006 would work well for one game but the gearbox would then break. The MOSFET was also problematic. I just got fed up.

I have now decided to move to the G&G CM 16 DESERT and after my first game I was impressed with its out the box performance. I chose the polymer version for its light weight feel which was great for moving quickly in CQB.

I visited the UCAP Vendetta at the old prison in Gloucester. This site has always been a favourite of mine and I had a great first experience with my new G&G addition to my armoury. I was so happy with how the weapon performed, I did not have a problem all day. This weapon accepted my PTS mid cap magazines and didn’t miss a shot.

I definitely recommend considering the range of weapons we have from G&G. G&G will always be a reliable brand in my books, I never get any back with issues, which is why I continue to support and stock this brand. 

Check out my setup in the picture, if you would like something similar or would like assistance creating your own set up and get a discount with a bulk buy then make sure to send me a message and I will help as much as I can. 

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