Cheap Airsoft guns and why you should choose quality over cheap

Cheap Airsoft guns and why you should choose quality over cheap

so let’s kick this off then by saying it’s just not worth buying a cheap Airsoft gun when you can get a much better package by just paying a little more. So as you know I’m a supplier of G&G products and yes you might say this post is biased as I sell them. Of course I’m always going to praise G&G airsoft weapons for quite a few reasons and not because I sell them.

well let’s start with what you get straight out the box then. The weapons them selves are just built in a much better way then other manufacturers like the fact pretty much all there weapons come fitted with right handed and left handed magazine release. The build quality is exceptional and gives you confidence it not going to fall apart especially the designs they have and range of different weapons. 

but one of the main reasons I supply them is because of reliability these airsoft weapons are fitted with G&G’s own V2 gearboxes and also there other upgraded gearboxes like in the GC ranges. Another benefit is that most of there range are fitted with MOSFET’s giving the user other options like 3 round burst function and also the ease of upgrading the MOSFET’s. 

so yes I’m a G&G fan boy and always will be but that being said ( touch wood ) I have not had a single airsoft weapon returned for warranty yet now that saying something. Have fun out there people.

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