Newbury CQB

Newbury CQB

So, recently, approximately 8-10 of my friends and I attended an indoor CQB (close-quarters battle) site in Newbury town centre. This site is ran by a great bunch of guys.

So many reviews focus on positives while skimming over the negatives, this review will address everything, from the best parts to the worst parts of this site. My first impressions led me to be apprehensive about what to expect. I was informed that typically they don't open until midday and close around 5pm which I felt was a small window of time restricting the time out in the field. I don't know about you, but after a busy week I look forward to letting loose with a few long games at a weekend.

But hey who am I to judge? I honestly have to say once the doors open and I went inside it had that zombie apocalypse feeling which I found pretty cool. Once we were all all upstairs in the safe zone they close the doors behind you so be warned that you must make sure everything is with you. This was something they didn't advise of beforehand. 

Unfortunately the lack of food and drink on offer was a bit disappointing, being limited to soft drinks and confectionery. Perhaps expanding this to offer sandwiches and even something to warm you up on cold days. There was no shop on site which understandably meant there was not much in the way of choice when it came to ammo, accessories and weapons which I feel was a shame.  

The game play was super fast and going back to only opening at 12 it felt like there was a lot of game time which is always good. The marshals are very good at what they do but again because there wasn't a lot of time we rushed a lot to get ready for the next game.


Overall I felt Newbury was ok but with a few changes this could be one of the better indoor CQB sites so watch this space for what they might offer in the future. 

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