UK FPS legal limit - Should it be more or less?

UK FPS legal limit - Should it be more or less?

The aim of this post is to give you some help identifying the different FPS ranges and to provide you with an insight into FPS limits. I'll also include my own thoughts on if they should be increased or decreased. So let’s get stuck in and start the discussion.

Below is a list of the estimated fps values for the weight of BB’s you will be using.

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AR Pistols and Shot Gun style weapons:

0.20g = 350fps

0.25g = 313fps

0.28g = 296fps

0.30g = 286fps

0.32g = 277fps

0.34 = 268fps

0.36 = 261fps

0.40g = 247fps

DMR Style weapons:

(Be sure to check minimum engagement distance with the site as this can vary, with some sites allowing up to 450fps on a DMR)

0.20g = 400fps

0.25g = 358fps

0.28g = 338fps

0.30g = 327fps

0.32g = 316fps

0.34g = 307fps

0.36g = 298fps

0.40g = 283fps

0.45g = 273fps

0.48g = 267fps

0.50g = 253fps

Bolt action snipers or 2 second delay weapons with a minimum engagement distance of 30 meters:

0.20g = 500fps

0.25g = 447fps

0.28g = 423fps

0.30g = 408fps

0.32g = 395fps

0.36g = 383fps

0.40g =354fps

0.43g = 341fps

0.45g  = 333fps

0.48g = 323fps

0.50g = 316fps


Above, I have outlined the uk limits for every weapon type you need to know. Interestingly, when it comes to DMR type weapons my local site allows 450fps maximum on 0.20g BB’s and a distance of 20 meters, but this does vary from site to site. Now we all have seen the videos from Kicking Mustang. While some of the shots are great to watch, I do have to question how many of those are actually at the same site because it seems impressive to conceal your self that well and kill that many players without being shot. If I’m honest, I do believe that weight limits should be enforced at CQB sites of up to 0.28g as you can suffer some quite nasty hits when being hit from 10ft away with a 0.32g. At close range you can be hit a huge amount of times when playing, which can be discouraging for new players as it’s more painful than say playing outdoors where you are likely to be hit from a greater distance. I feel that FPS limits are currently at an acceptable limit, thus offering a safe game but giving a great distance in which you can shoot someone. I have to be honest although it’s not enforced on all sites, I do believe that HPA players should be tournament locked and checked between games as I have found there are players that have devices which allow the weapon to be turned up easily. Thus, increasing your FPS above the limit and creating a safety concern. It is important to note this is only the minority of Airsofters, however it unfortunately does effect the whole group of Airsoft players.

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