My mate didn’t listen and nearly lost his eye

My mate didn’t listen and nearly lost his eye

Well this blog is about exactly what it means a friend nearly lost his eye because he didn’t listen. So I have been using the NP battle pros since I started Airsoft and here is a link to get your hands on a pair So after a fantastic morning of Airsoft of which I played exceptionally well as standard lol we ventured back to the safe zone for lunch and some great conversation about how we all where so highly skilled at Airsoft as standard when with friends and some good laughs after seeing Patrick sprinting with a huge bear around the site. So before the game started I noticed my mate was wearing both his face protection and eye protection but really badly and pointed this out to him and said it’s best you go and sort your battle pros out as they where being pushed up his face making his eyes vulnerable to being hit with a BB. So I actually thought he had gone and sorted it and was aware of the risks of which I then found out after the game that he had not listened and was complaining that he was hit in the eye with a BB at high speed. 

After looking at his eye it was perfectly clear that he needed emergency treatment at the hospital as his eye was filling with blood which looked nasty might I add. So after a trip to the hospital and having to have his eye drained of the blood he still had blurred vision and the doctors have said they are unclear if his eye sight will ever come fully back. 

now this is a reminder of why sites take a no tolerance approach to safety and why they will remove you from the site if you fail to look after yourself and adhere to the rules EYE WEAR MUST BE SECURE AND WORN AT ALL TIMES. now I’m hoping that my mate got lucky and in time he will get his full vision back and be an example of what not to do when playing airsoft. 

so from Falcon 9 Airsoft and the team please look after yourself when out on the field and check out our extensive range of eye protection.