Falcon 9 is now partnering with Cotswold Airsoft

Myself and the team at Falcon 9 Airsoft are happy to announce that we will be partnering with Cotswold Airsoft and we are absolutely buzzing for this to happen. After contacting Stew Mooney the founder and offering our services to support the future of the site with investment from the sale of all products in the shop, this will allow Stew to invest in props, repairs and enhancements on the site allowing for a much better experience for the players. Stew has always had a passion for Airsoft and has wanted to increase the popularity of the site for years but unfortunately a previous owner let the site deteriorate and it has taken Stew a vast amount of investment and energy to get the site back to its glory days and better. We will be building a permanent shop on the site offering a vast amount of weapons, accessories and clothing on game days but with the added bonus of being an e-commerce store which allows our customers to order online and pick it up directly from us at the site if they wish. The continued development and growth of Falcon 9 Airsoft has astounded me and I struggle to keep up but I will always be fully committed to our Airsoft community and friends that we get full support from. So if you are looking for a new site to play that’s dynamic and exciting then look no further than Cotswold Airsoft and come join us and say hi. We once again thank you for your support and help with our continued success. Use the link below to book and find us  


Ben Barker @ Falcon 9 Airsoft