Cheap Airsoft guns vs expensive Airsoft guns

Cheap Airsoft guns vs expensive Airsoft guns

Here we will talk about how cheap Airsoft guns fair up against their expensive counterparts, including benefits and short comings. I will share my own opinion and what experience I have had using these weapons.

Starting out, you tend to hire weapons to have a try before you buy and also build confidence. Starting your own weapons arsenal begins with looking for your first Airsoft gun, that beauty that you swear is the ‘best’ Airsoft weapon in the world and will never get rid off.

I was lucky that financially I could afford to spend a decent amount and so purchased an Octarms KM006 thinking the more I spend the better it must be straight out of the box. Although I do love my first assault rifle weapon, I do believe if I’m honest I don’t know if I really needed to spend that much as most Airsoft weapons out the box typically are around the 330FPS mark. Looking back I would have got just as much fun out of a G&G CM16 or a NP Delta or similar for a lot less money.

So what does the extra money give you in value? What should you consider when buying an expensive Airsoft gun? Both cheap and expensive Airsoft weapons are discussed. So to start with the Octarms KM006 comes with a programmable MOSFET allowing me to change my firing rate by controller. This feature does not come included with cheaper Airsoft guns. Typically the gearbox is a lot more refined and has heavy duty components in some cases allowing for upgrades like stiffer springs to be used. I do believe that in some cases you do get a really well manufactured weapon, especially in the detail. In contrast the NP Delta range is well priced, has high quality and exceptional performance out the box. 

So how would I personally rate the difference between a cheap Airsoft gun and an expensive Airsoft gun? If you are new to Airsoft as a sport then I would recommend starting with a weapon that is capable of just getting those BBs down range and having fun because that’s what we are there to do! My stand out brands would be the Nuprol (NP) Airsoft weapons as I know from experience these are reliable, easy to use and very customisable with accessories and typically has a power rating 330FPS straight out of the box give or take. Next, I recommend the G&G CM16 range of weapons. Now if you want something that packs a punch and can be upgraded at a later stage then something like the Octarms  G&G predator, and S&T range of weapons are definitely some brands to consider as some of their range of weapons are high grade and can take the extra upgrades. But, and I mean but, remember typically all these weapons out the box are capable of around 330FPS roughly and would be more than enough to all Airsofters, regardless of experience.

My final thoughts on this topic…. buy what feels comfortable for you and what you are drawn to, not just expensive.




We are always here to help if you want advice from the Falcon 9 Airsoft team. Please take care, have fun and say hi when you see us at your next Airsoft event.