• Heavy-duty stainless steel targets and shields can withstand even the highest FPS Airsoft guns
  • A computer-controlled auto-target system with 4 different game/competition modes and 15 levels of difficulty
  • Auto resetting targets will stand and illuminate green/red indicating shoot / no-shoot designation, eliminates the need for manual resetting of targets for each shooter
  • LED scoreboard displays match information such as time, hits, misses, don't-shoot hits, and score for each round
  • Easy one-person operation, simply hit the big red button and go
  • Up to 32 targets can be linked together for larger, more elaborate courses
  • Easy to set up with standard RJ45 ethernet cables


The Xcortech XTS-105 Electronic Auto Target System adds a new level of excitement and convenience to linking and target shooting; featuring 4 different game modes with 15 levels of difficulty each. Depending on the game mode, each target automatically stands up and illuminates to indicate shoot / no-shoot and falls down when hit. Information such as time, hits, misses, and the score is sent to the LED scoreboard in real-time to display the round results. Up to 32 targets can be simultaneously linked to a single stage for added.

Great for shops, fields, and competitions as the targets auto-reset for each round, eliminating the time it takes to manually reset each stage.

Material: Aluminum, Polymer
Power Input: `00-130 VAC, 50-60hz, 1.4A
LED Score Board Dimensions: 640mm x 160mm
Controller Dimensions: 90mm x 122mm x 37mm
Controller Weight: 170g
Target Dimensions: 94mm x 175mm x 39mm
Target Weight: 375g
Package Includes: 1X controller, 3x Auto Targets, 3x RJ45 Ethernet Cables (Short), 1x RJ45 Ethernet Cable (Long), 1x Power Supply

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