VORSK 0.20g BB’s 3600 rounds

VORSK 0.20g BB’s 3600 rounds

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5.95 mm (+/- 0.01 mm)

Triple Polished for Enhanced Flight

Taiwan Made


VORSKs range of 6mm Airsoft Ammunition are produced to the highest standards to ensure top-class flight performance. Produced using precision moulding techniques, with continuous, ongoing quality control throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that the final product is of the high standard expected by our customers.


The options available to the player are vast, with BBs weighted from 0.20 g through to 0.43 g, available in 500R / 1100R / 2000R / 3600R bottles and 1kg zip-bags. BB types include standard plastic, bio-degradable BBs and both of their Tracer versions, Red & Green.

That’s over 90 variants within VORSKs BB Range.


                Standard - 0.20 to 0.43 g

                Bio-Degradable - 0.20 to 0.43 g

                Tracer Green - 0.20 to 0.30 g

                Tracer Red - 0.20 to 0.25 g

                Bio-Degradable Tracer Green - 0.20 to 0.30 g

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