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The legendary Barrett M107 is the iconic 50 cal. sniper rifle we have come to see and recognize from movies, TV shows, and video games. Adding to its star power, this rifle packs real-world power as well. Being the go-to rifle for snipers aiming to shoot extremely long distances or take out light material. The legendary performance of this rifle has made it an icon on the battlefield as a shooter's choice and a feared implement of war by its targets.

The airsoft version is a faithful replica of the legendary rifle. While there have been other versions that have come before this, this particular version is very user-friendly. While it might sacrifice realism, this is not a semi-auto, its ease of use makes it a realistic option for players that want to use a big, beefy, lockdown rifle.

Being a bolt action rifle, it has no need for any other power source such as gas or electricity. This means it will have an exceptionally large magazine compartment that allows you to store up to 90rds. Its enlarged charging handle allows you to easily manipulate it. And finally, it being fully licensed, the rifle boasts Barrett markings on its receiver.

The rifle does require assembly as the barrel is exceptionally long and the inner barrel is 590mm. This long barrel allows for a longer dwell time of your BB which translates into improved accuracy and a higher FPS consistency downrange. The hop-up chamber is located in the breach of the rifle and can be easily adjusted/


Brand Snow Wolf
EAN 5056444713872
Length(mm) 1430
Weight (g) 6200
Fire Modes Single-Shot
Rails 20mm Flat Top
Main Materials Polymer / Metal
Compatible Magazines SW-MAG-24 - SNOW WOLF M82A1 35R Magazine
SW-MAG-02 - SNOW WOLF M82A1 500R Magazine
Compatible Batteries / Gas


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