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we know that with this brand the attention to detail and the amount of features that these weapons have are exceptional but as any seasoned air soft will tell you that this brand is synonymous with reliability and performance straight out of the box G&G one of those brands that insures that all air soft as feel comfortableso in order to do this, they’ve made most if not all of their weapons ambidextrous the final select and magazine release are all found on the left-hand side also

it comes with a built-in Mosfet unit with an electronic trigger a few system to ensure the weapon looks after itself in the event of an issue. It also has the ability whilst in semi automatic if you press and hold trigger for 10+ seconds it will change the rate to 3 round burst this can be reset by simply either holding the trigger for another 10 seconds or disconnecting a battery the top rail is a 20 mm RIS which gives a vast amount of different loadout from sites and optics through to lasers and torches can also mount under into the side of the weapon with its mounting system like grips and grenade launches

magazine provided is synonymous with this brand with its moulded grip and rubber handgun. It gives you the extra stability and grip when firing and changing magazines

weapon is perfect for not only the new airsoft player but also veterans of the sportIf you are new Airsoft then this is definitely a weapon consider as your first purchase be to check this out

please note that you will be it will require an 11.1 V 1300 MAH  15C Lipo crane battery to avoid voiding your warranty because of its own system it’s only compatible with 11.1 V batteries

Brand G&G
EAN 4712972911777
Length(mm) 745
Weight (g) 2614
Fire Modes Semi/Full-Auto/3-Round burst
Barrel Length (mm) 205
Barrel Bore (mm) 6.08
Rails CNC Hard-Anodizing
Approx. FPS UK regulation
Compatible Magazines G-08-083
Compatible Batteries / Gas


**Warning!!** This item will require a defence to be supplied. You can either email this with a copy of your photo ID or wait for us to contact you. If you have purchased from our selves previously and have supplied a defence you will not need to do this again.

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