A&K 8870

A&K 8870

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The Replica

A&Ks 8870 is a shortened (sawn-off) replica of the classic M870 pump-action shotgun. A full-metal replica, the frame, receiver, barrel, pump-action tube and trigger are all made of metal, with the ‘wood-effect’ parts a heavy duty polymer. This replica uses a bespoke, 40R magazine that when fitted provides 40 single shots (as opposed to other “tri-shot” shotguns). Two sling points allow for different holster options, and a functioning safety can be found to the rear of the trigger guard.


The Original

The M870 is one of the most recognisable pump-action shotguns ever manufactured. Popularised by both its common use with U.S. Law Enforcement agencies, as well as it being the go-to model for many shotgun sports enthusiasts – there are dozens of configurations of the real-steel firearm available worldwide. A common firearm for Holywoods 1980’s heroes – whether as Rambo in the Jungles of Vietnam, or Sarah Connor in Judgement Day.

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