So let’s talk beginners in Airsoft and what you need to start the sport

So let’s talk beginners in Airsoft and what you need to start the sport

If you would like to know more about the sport of Airsoft which weapons to choose and need some Intel on Airsoft terminology and who to talk to you look no further than this post might begin beginners guide are intended to help new Airsoft players get the most From the game

Now I’m sure like every other software out there you decided to have one game we turned up and you rented a weapon and got that bug and thought yourself do you know what? Love the sport gonna get a gun? Gonna have to join in but one of the hot things or hot topics should I say would be what first weapon do I choose? How much do I spend? Where do I get it from? Is there a warranty that comes with again in this article? I’m gonna talk you through all of these different things and what my recommendation would be for yourself as a new airsofter 

Not the first thing I would establish is what are you more likely to be playing more ofDo you enjoy the thought of being being indoors close combat CQB style gameplay or do you enjoy the outdoor long range charts like sniping LMG’s all that kind of stuff and myself personally I enjoy playing outdoors for the long range hiding in the bushes all that kind of thing so I’d probably go from a medium to largest sized weapon but obviously I would definitely recommend you sure if you want to do both stars of gameplay then definitely get shorter weapon

A brand of weapon is synonymous in the market is G&G I honestly don’t believe you can go wrong With this weapons manufacturer Not only are they reliable they Pack of great punch straight out the box definitely going to recommend that with any of their weapons I would run them on 0.28 BB As I found this weight to be pretty consistent This manufacturer has been in the Airsoft market for a long long time and their ability to construct a weapon that is not only extremely detailed and well manufactured caters for all types of situations like CQB and outdoor range sites

obviously we are always open to helping where possible so if you have any questions about what you need as a starter bundle, I’d be more than happy to help address this for you but I definitely would recommend a weapon that is low maintenance had a good reputation and kind of a good warranty on it in any scenario 

I would definitely recommend the G&G CM 16 SRL and the wild hog as both these weapons offer A great package great feeling and reliability.

not if you’d like to know more about these weapons please feel free to get in touch with us. I’ll be more than happy to help you out over the phone or even an email myself personally Ben if you would like me to write a blog about something that you want to talk about I’m more happy. It’s just email me your comments and suggestions I’ll be happy to come back to you on 

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